GSSSB Class-III Recruitment: Prelim Syllabus (A & B)

Joint Competitive Exam Syllabus - GSSSB Class-III (A & B)

GSSSB Prelim Syllabus (Group A & B) PDF Download

Calling all aspiring government job seekers! The Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board (GSSSB) has released the much-awaited syllabus for the upcoming Joint Competitive Examination (Preliminary) for recruitment to various Class-III (Group-A & Group-B) posts. Whether you're aiming for the coveted Junior Clerk, Senior Clerk, Head Clerk, or Office Assistant position, this prelim exam is your gateway to a promising career in the Gujarat government.

But with a vast syllabus to conquer, you might be feeling overwhelmed. Fear not, future public servants! This comprehensive guide will break down the key areas you need to focus on for the prelims, helping you devise a winning study strategy.

SYLLABUS OF ADVERTISEMENT NO. 212/202324, Combine Competitive Exam group A & B

  • Total Question: 100
  • Total Marks: 100
  • No. of Options: 4 (A, B, C, D)
  • Mark per question: 1 (For right answer)
  • Negative Marking: Yes
  • Negative Mark per question: 1/4  (0.25)  (For the wrong answer)
  • Languages: Part-A, B & D in Gujarati. Part-C in English

PART: A - No. Of Question: 40 (40 Marks) Gujarati Language

  1. Problems on Ages
  2. Venn Diagram
  3. Visual reasoning
  4. Blood relation
  5. Arithmetic reasoning
  6. Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables)
  7. Data sufficiency

PART: B - No. Of Question: 30 (30 Marks) Gujarati Language

  1. Number Systems
  2. Simplification and Algebra
  3. Arithmetic and Geometric Progression
  4. Average
  5. Percentage
  6. Profit-Loss
  7. Ration and Proportion
  8. Partnership
  9. Time and Work
  10. Time, Speed, and Distance
  11. Work, Wages, and chain rule

PART: C - No. Of Question: 15 (15 Marks) English Language

  1. Tenses, Voices
  2. Narration (Direct-Indirect)
  3. Use of Articles and Determiners,
  4. adverbs, nouns, pronouns, verbs
  5. Use of prepositions
  6. Use of Phrasal Verbs
  7. Transformations of sentences
  8. One word substitution
  9. Synonyms / Antonyms
  10. Comprehension (To assess comprehension, interpretation, and inference skills)
  11. Jumbled words and sentences
  12. Translation from English to Gujarati

PART: D - No. Of Question: 15 (15 Marks) Gujarati Language

  1. રૂઢિપ્રયોગનો અર્થ અને પ્રયોગ 
  2. કહેવતનો અર્થ 
  3. સમાસનો વિગ્રહ અને તેની ઓળખ 
  4. સમાનાર્થી-વિરોધી શબ્દો 
  5. શબ્દ સમૂહ માટે એક શબ્દ 
  6. વાક્ય પરિવર્તન 
  7. સંધિ જોડો-છોડો 
  8. જોડણી શુધ્ધિ 
  9.  લેખન - ભાષા શુધ્ધિ
  10. ગદ્ય સમીક્ષા 
  11. અર્થ ગ્રહણ 
  12. ગુજરાતી-અંગ્રેજી ભાષાંતર 

GSSSB Class-III (A & B) Joint Exam Prelim Syllabus Downlod

GSSSB Prelim Syllabus (Group- A & B)

GSSSB Prelim Syllabus (Group A & B) PDF Download

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